I'm curious if there are custom firmwares for e-ink devices similar to what Rockbox (website, wikipedia) is for digital audio players.

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    This may possibly be to be too broad as there are many very different e-ink devices. e-Ink is a display technology, not an architecture
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  • I think OP was purposefully broad because they aren't even sure where to start, except by asking. And asking is where good ideas start.
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It depends on specific device and its architecture.

Those that are built on top of Android, typically tend to get AOSP ports, e.g. Nook (here's Simple Touch instructions), or Kindles - the latter even has CyanogenMod ROM.

Sony PRST 1 was hacked to expose full underlying rooted Android but I'm not sure if AOSP based ROM is available for it - this might be it.

I'm not sure if there are any non-Android-based mainstream eInk readers - most of the ones I heard of (which is not a lot) seem to be Android under the covers and thus can be opened up (e.g. see Kobe Glo).


There is a project, called PRS+, for older Sony PRS devices (PRS-300, PRS-505, PRS-600, PRS-350, PRS-650, PRS-950).


KOReader is an ereading software available for several devices and platforms. Quoted from Mobileread wiki:

KOReader is a document viewer for Linux based E Ink devices. Currently there are versions for Kindle, Kobo, PocketBook, and Android devices.

The installation procedure depends on the device. Support forums are available on Mobileread.

enter image description here


XDA Developers don't have the e-Ink Kindle, but they have a page for the Nook Touch.


Check out the "Android Development" thread.


Look to inactive project OpenInkpot (2, 3).


There is a crowdfunding campaign for an e-ink device that says they will release the firmware as free software.

We intend on making the firmware for the 13.3 inch e-reader available to the entire community.

I have no affiliation with the campaign or the people behind it.

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