I have a Nook Simple Touch and am frustrated by its lack of a web browser. I want to download ePub files from websites and read them on my Nook. I know there is supposed to be no web browser accessible, but I have heard that there are ways to get around that. What are they/is it?

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Perhaps this might help:
Relevant quote:

With the NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight and the original operating system, the process is a bit more complex: Connect to a WiFi network, use the Quick Nav Bar to go to Settings, and then choose Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Accounts.

Tap on the link to Google; you will be asked to “Link your Google Account,” but don’t bother. Instead, tap Forgot Password. Now look closely and locate the small Home button that has mysteriously appeared at the bottom of the page. Tap Home, and you will get to the Google search engine, and from there you can connect to most Web pages.

This page shows the same method with a video:


Unless you root your Nook, it has not been easy to access a web browser since firmware update 1.1.0 (November 7, 2011). It used to be easy prior to 1.1.0. There were some rumors earlier this year that NST would get a browser in a mid year firmware update but so far as I know, that never happened.

Note that 1.1.0 and future versions of the Nook have much improved fonts so if you were to downgrade your Nook to a version prior to 1.1.0, you would lose the better font rendering.

Barnes and Noble did not describe the firmware 1.1.0 changes in detail. So I did, here:

Nook Simple Touch Firmware Update 1.1.0

As another post described, there's a fairly cumbersome method possible to access the browser, but the browser is not well supported by the Nook team.

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