A few weeks ago I bought a book in Amazon and was using KindleForPC to read it. I was making notes and highlights and it was synching.

After reading some pages I downloaded Kindle for Android, and continued reading it from there. When I first opened in Android, my notes and highlights were available. As I read it I made new ones.

Now, weeks later, I opened it again in PC... old ones were still there, but the ones I made in Android aren't. I synched both softwares and they say they have latestfurthest read location. But notes and highlights aren't yet merged.

Aren't they shared at all? It would be a shame.

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Kindle forum gave me the solution! Synch only works when in the softwares's "home screen". Now they are properly synched :D sad I must always do it manually, they should automatically synch with Kindle server whenever there's internet available.

  • Hmm, doesn't work for me in that I've tried sync from the home screen without result.
    – Thufir
    Dec 6, 2018 at 15:39

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