Some kindle models come with a text to speech software that has several optional settings. There is both male and female, as well as 3 speeds, which gives 6 different combinations.

In theory, a low budget writer could create a complete audio book using only synthetic voices, 3 male & 3 female. It would have the advantage of the smaller file size of a text book, but still allow for distinct character voices.

For this to work, there would need to be code in the book that switched between the 6 optional native voices. Assuming the user has activated the text to speech speech.

What (if any) code could I include a .mobi file that would control the native voice synthesizer?


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That is not possible in any of kindle eBook formats. Amazon is stripping all html which is not supported as they stated it in Kindle Publishing Guidelines. Also you don't have access to any of device settings - including Text to Speak.

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