I've seen some questions that deal with copyright issues and it is clear that this is an international group and we could all benefit from having access to info about copyright as it relates to our own country. I'm in the US and I'm pretty well versed on copyright for a non-lawyer, but laws in different countries will obviously vary.

If we are using, creating, transferring, buying, or loaning ebooks, copyright applies, so it would make sense in this group.

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Since this issue will be important to this group, I found a couple of resources that will explain copyright terms in different countries.

The data on the first site hasn't been updated in a while but it does include info on fair use. Foreign Copyright Laws Tree-view chart on Foreign Copyright Law

The good thing about the above site is that it is exhaustively cited so people can at least see where they can get started in researching their own copyright questions.

There is also good ol' wikipedia with a list of country's copyright lengths. List of countries' copyright lengths

If you know of others, add them and we can build a useful resource.


This guide is quite useful from Univ. of Pennsilvania. Copyright Watch is also helpful, but the information isn't so direct. You have to really dig through legal documents.

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