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How to download ebooks from Kindle to PC?

I'm am trying to download some Kindle eBooks that I have bought to my laptop. I tried connecting my Kindle to my PC via USB and then try to access the files from there, but I can't find the files that ...

kindle download  
asked by michaelpri 5 votes
answered by Scott Porter 2 votes

Kindle doesn't show cover

I just got a kindle as Christmas present. I got myself calibre and loaded 4 E-Books on my kindle. I can open and read every book, but unfortunately I just can see the covers of 2 of these 4 E-Books ...

kindle calibre kindle-paperwhite file-format  
asked by BoJack Horseman 6 votes
answered by CL. 5 votes

I can't find the mobi format ebooks I copied from my computer to my kindle via usb, what should I do?

Transferring ebooks in mobi file to my kindle used to be hassle free. I just drag it to the "documents" folder and voilĂ ! They're there. What happened yesterday was different. I tried to move mobi ...

kindle mobi  
asked by Janice 8 votes
answered by bryfox 3 votes

How to change Kindle Windows 8 into a 'normal app'

I read a lot of books on my netbook using Kindle for Windows 8. However, I am often very frustrated that is uses the 'metro' interface which consumes the full screen. I would like to use my Kindle app ...

asked by John 9 votes
answered by jonsca 7 votes

Is there any way to remove DRM from DAISY ebooks?

DAISY is a digital ebook format designed for blind and disabled people. There are two kinds of DAISY books, "open" books which can be freely read by anyone, and "protected" books which have DRM and ...

drm file-format  
asked by Keshav Srinivasan 1 vote
answered by babou 1 vote

What commands can be given in the Kindle's search box?

In this forum thread, a user explains that the Kindle's reading speed algorithm can be reset by typing ";ReadingTimeReset" in the Kindle's search box. The user states he was told by a member of ...

kindle amazon time-to-read software  
asked by Rüdiger Kupper 24 votes
answered by elixenide 15 votes

Can I transfer my Purchased Nook library to Kindle or other Service?

I have a Nook account and library with over 100 purchased titles. I really would like to take advantage of some of the features of the Kindle Fire but I do not want to give up my current library ...

kindle drm nook  
asked by Chad 7 votes
answered by Donald.McLean 3 votes
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