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Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to make third party book (non-amazon) covers appear as screensavers on Kindle?

So recently Amazon has introduced this feature which shows the cover of what you are currently reading on the lock screen of your Kindle reader (at least for Kindle Paperwhite 3 as far as I know). As ...

kindle kindle-paperwhite  
asked by goose 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I automate the creation of EPUB files from series of existing JPEG photos?

I have multiple sets of JPEG photos (not images/scans of books, but of e.g. my children), that I would like to turn into EPUB files, so I can take them along on my ebook-reader and view them. Are ...

epub image creation  
asked by Anthon 15 votes
answered by Anthon 13 votes

How to change Kindle Windows 8 into a 'normal app'

I read a lot of books on my netbook using Kindle for Windows 8. However, I am often very frustrated that is uses the 'metro' interface which consumes the full screen. I would like to use my Kindle app ...

asked by John 9 votes
answered by jonsca 7 votes

How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

What is the best way to convert multi-column PDF file into readable format in a 6 inch display devices like kindle?

kindle pdf conversion file-format  
asked by Woeitg 4 votes
answered by Woeitg 6 votes

Can the sleep timeout be adjusted on Kindle devices?

The seemingly fixed screen timeout on all my Kindle devices has never been an issue for normal reading. If it goes off on me it is usually because I fell asleep myself, so one cannot blame a device ...

kindle kindle-paperwhite power-management screensaver  
asked by Caleb 21 votes
answered by Tom 17 votes

I can't find the mobi format ebooks I copied from my computer to my kindle via usb, what should I do?

Transferring ebooks in mobi file to my kindle used to be hassle free. I just drag it to the "documents" folder and voilĂ ! They're there. What happened yesterday was different. I tried to move mobi ...

kindle mobi  
asked by Janice 8 votes
answered by bryfox 3 votes

How do I make Calibre convert CBZ to EPUB without images shrinking or conversion?

I've got comics in CBZ format with pictures in 2k or 4k pixels tall and when I try converting them to EPUB, Calibre shrinks the pictures to 1k or under, making them very blurry to view on a mobile or ...

epub calibre conversion cbz  
asked by JimmyCougar 5 votes
answered by Sekhemty 1 vote

Direct copying of epub files on the Kobo internal file system

I am running Linux (Mageia 5), and I own a Kobo Glo HD. There is no Kobo Desktop for me (that I know of). I wish to load some free epub books on my reader. I read in several places that one can copy ...

epub ebook-readers kobo free download  
asked by babou 7 votes
answered by babou 1 vote
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