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If I buy a Kindle Paperwhite do I have to get books from Amazon?

If I have a kindle paperwhite, am I limited to books from Amazon? Can I purchase or download books from other sources/retailers?

kindle sideloading kindle-paperwhite  
asked by James Jenkins Score of 35
answered by Standback Score of 25

How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

What is the best way to convert multi-column PDF file into readable format in a 6 inch display devices like kindle?

kindle pdf conversion file-format  
asked by Woeitg Score of 6
answered by Woeitg Score of 6

Is there a way to read kindle books on Windows which do not support Windows?

I read on multiple devices: Windows, Mac, iPad, Android Phone, even an old Kindle DX all from Amazon. One problem I have is some books seem to be designed to work only on some devices. I suspect the ...

asked by John Score of 2
answered by elixenide Score of 3

How can I automate the creation of EPUB files from series of existing JPEG photos?

I have multiple sets of JPEG photos (not images/scans of books, but of e.g. my children), that I would like to turn into EPUB files, so I can take them along on my ebook-reader and view them. Are ...

epub image creation  
asked by Anthon Score of 15
answered by Anthon Score of 13

How to synchronize Kindle collections across all devices, including older Kindles?

I have just started organizing collections on my bottom-of-the-line Kindle (the Kindle 4?). Despite selecting "annotations sync and backup" I'm not seeing these collections appear on my iPad and ...

kindle collections sync  
asked by Joe Golton Score of 25
answered by James Jenkins Score of 7

What are my options for reading an ebook in the bathtub?

About the only thing I miss about paperback books is reading in the tub. I don't think there are any waterproof ereaders so this is not a shopping question. I have considered using the text to ...

asked by James Jenkins Score of 25
answered by asalamon74 Score of 14

Is Markdown a viable source format for writing ebooks?

I've for some time enjoyed using Markdown to handle straightforward text formatting, image presentation and the like, which I use for keeping notes, or drafting blog content. I'm aware that different ...

writing markdown source  
asked by Grant Palin Score of 49
answered by fuxia Score of 22
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