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Connect Kobo Touch to Linux PC using USB; PC not recognized by reader

I have an old Kobo Touch that has gone unused for a year or two. Now I want to copy new books to it. This used to be easy: Connect via USB to my PC (running Linux), click "connect" in the dialog box ...

kobo sideloading  
asked by Isabelle Newbie 8 votes
answered by Steve Walsh 9 votes

Turning demo mode on and off on a Kobo

Demo mode is currently on on my Kobo. I would like to turn it off. How can I turn on and off demo mode on a Kobo eReader?

asked by geek1011 1 vote
answered by geek1011 1 vote

How can I display 'word count' in Calibre while browsing my Library?

I use Calibre, to manage my library of eBooks. It is easy to include the size of the book, but with images and such that can be misleading. I notice on Smashwords they often include a word count in ...

calibre metadata  
asked by James Jenkins 16 votes
answered by nathou 20 votes

I can't find the mobi format ebooks I copied from my computer to my kindle via usb, what should I do?

Transferring ebooks in mobi file to my kindle used to be hassle free. I just drag it to the "documents" folder and voilĂ ! They're there. What happened yesterday was different. I tried to move mobi ...

kindle mobi  
asked by Janice 8 votes
answered by bryfox 3 votes

Is there any software that facilitates scanning of a paper book into an ebook?

I have some old sci-fi novels that are out of print and the rights owners are not creating them in ebook form. Is there any software that facilitates scanning and conversion of these paper books into ...

conversion software printed  
asked by Chad 46 votes
answered by elias 26 votes

Is there a way to sync reading progress across multiple devices and platforms?

I know you can already do this for the Kindle and between Android devices with say Moon+ reader installed. What I meant is for EPUBs and between platforms. I would like to read on my Android phone for ...

asked by R.K. 13 votes
answered by Auspex 6 votes

Is it possible to convert Pocket articles into epub format?

I'd like to know if there is an easy way to convert Pocket articles to .epub format. For those that don't know Pocket, it is a service that let's you save articles from any website, blog, and so on, ...

epub conversion kobo pocket  
asked by Sekhemty 9 votes
answered by Daniel 8 votes
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