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Share book uploaded to my Google Play Books account with other account

I uploaded a book to my Google Play Books account and I want to share it with another account, is that possible? I know that I can give it the .epub file but I deleted it.

ebook-management google-play-books  
asked by Natalie 8 votes
answered by Daniel 4 votes

Anonymous publishing

I am writing a book of short stories. I am planning to self-publish the stories as an e-book but would like to keep my anonymity - I will use a pseudonym. Obviously, I would like to sell the e-book ...

publishing law  
asked by user6629 21 votes
answered by James Jenkins 10 votes

Is there any way to remove DRM from DAISY ebooks?

DAISY is a digital ebook format designed for blind and disabled people. There are two kinds of DAISY books, "open" books which can be freely read by anyone, and "protected" books which have DRM and ...

drm file-format  
asked by Keshav Srinivasan 1 vote
answered by babou 1 vote

Tracking time spent reading on a kindle?

Is there a way to track and export time spent reading on a Kindle? I'm setting a goal around reading books several hours a week, and I would love to automate the tracking. Amazon seems to track ...

asked by dshack 16 votes
answered by dshack 14 votes

Can I only transfer files to my Kindle Paperwhite using the cable that shipped with the device?

I read a lot of out of copyright (and sometimes out of print) books, which I download from and then transfer from my Mac to my Kindle, usually with the excellent Calibre app. I just ...

kindle calibre kindle-paperwhite download  
asked by Jim 5 votes
answered by Непитерская Кошка 5 votes

How to use the e-ink Kindle readers to display photos?

The Kindle e-readers that lack full color displays also lack an app for displaying photos. Is there a way to get a series of photos to display? I realize they will be displayed in monochrome / ...

kindle e-ink image  
asked by Nathan Osman 10 votes
answered by Tim 13 votes

Kindle paperwhite needs repair

I have a kindle paperwhite and it continues to give me the message that it needs repair.Have tried to reset it but it does not respond. Any suggestions?

kindle kindle-paperwhite  
asked by Cate 3 votes
answered by Ismail 4 votes
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