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Which Kindle Paperwhite model/generation do I have?

I need to determine which firmware update to download. The Amazon site is helpful if you know exactly which generation or model of Kindle you have. But they give no guidance as to how to determine ...

kindle kindle-paperwhite  
asked by Basil Bourque 21 votes
answered by Basil Bourque 21 votes

How can I send articles from iOS Safari browser to my Kindle

I have extensions for Chrome and FireFox to "Send to Kindle" as listed on but there is no solution for iOS Safari browser. Does anyone have a solution?

kindle send-to-kindle  
asked by dmeehan 4 votes
answered by elixenide 1 vote

How does the Kindle's reading rate algorithm work?

One of the Kindle Touch updates included a "Time-to-Read" feature. It seems to be based loosely on how fast I turn the page. I usually turn back to the cover when I start reading a new book and flip ...

kindle time-to-read kindle-touch  
asked by Jon Ericson 34 votes
answered by John 15 votes

Is there any way to remove DRM from DAISY ebooks?

DAISY is a digital ebook format designed for blind and disabled people. There are two kinds of DAISY books, "open" books which can be freely read by anyone, and "protected" books which have DRM and ...

drm file-format  
asked by Keshav Srinivasan 1 vote
answered by babou 1 vote

Can I use Google Docs to write an ebook for Kindle?

I'm in the process of writing my first eBook. The writing is nearly finished - I will be done by Tuesday. Currently I'm writing in Google Docs and I plan to publish on Kindle. Are these compatible? ...

kindle creation editing document  
asked by DillonOnline 3 votes
answered by Sau001 3 votes

How can I display 'word count' in Calibre while browsing my Library?

I use Calibre, to manage my library of eBooks. It is easy to include the size of the book, but with images and such that can be misleading. I notice on Smashwords they often include a word count in ...

calibre metadata  
asked by James Jenkins 17 votes
answered by nathou 21 votes

How can I left justify text on my Kindle?

I can't stand reading full-justified text, yet none of my Kindles seem to give me anything else! They all attempt to justify text even when the font size is too large and causes huge gaps between ...

kindle fonts font-rendering  
asked by Caleb 15 votes
answered by Anthon 8 votes
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