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Top new questions this week:

How to remove extraneous page numbers from ePub TOC

I've created this epub file as an export from an Indesign file, and it's got two problems that I can see immediately: The ToC includes page numbers after the chapter titles, even though I've created ...

epub table-of-contents indesign  
asked by Tim 1 vote

Are there any tools that can convert an ebook to Project Gutenberg self-publishing format?

PG's self-publishing library has some very specific guidelines about how ebooks may be formatted as PDF submissions. I've made one submission, and received a rejection notice that was entirely without ...

asked by Christos Hayward 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

printing an ePub

I know it's funny, but I would like to print some booklets I have. They are in ePub format without DRM, and my idea is to create a booklet in A6 format (they are not very long, otherwise I would not ...

epub calibre conversion  
asked by mau 8 votes
answered by Anthon 4 votes

How convert multi-column PDF files to readable PDF in 6 inches display devices?

What is the best way to convert multi-column PDF file into readable format in a 6 inch display devices like kindle?

kindle pdf conversion file-format  
asked by Woeitg 5 votes
answered by Woeitg 6 votes

Is Markdown a viable source format for writing ebooks?

I've for some time enjoyed using Markdown to handle straightforward text formatting, image presentation and the like, which I use for keeping notes, or drafting blog content. I'm aware that different ...

writing markdown source  
asked by Grant Palin 48 votes
answered by Anthon 22 votes

How do I make Calibre convert CBZ to EPUB without images shrinking or conversion?

I've got comics in CBZ format with pictures in 2k or 4k pixels tall and when I try converting them to EPUB, Calibre shrinks the pictures to 1k or under, making them very blurry to view on a mobile or ...

epub calibre conversion cbz  
asked by JimmyCougar 5 votes
answered by Sekhemty 1 vote

Transferring books between Kindles

If I buy a newer and more complete Kindle reader than the one I'm using at present, how can I move my books from one reader to the other?

kindle ebook-management  
asked by tstew 5 votes
answered by tstew 6 votes

How to create clickable table of contents in a PDF?

I have many technical PDF ebooks where there are no chapters (no clickable table of contents or other means for quick navigation through a document) and therefore it's really painful to search for ...

pdf table-of-contents hyperlinking chapters  
asked by Ondrej Janacek 31 votes
answered by Donald.McLean 14 votes

Can I transfer my Purchased Nook library to Kindle or other Service?

I have a Nook account and library with over 100 purchased titles. I really would like to take advantage of some of the features of the Kindle Fire but I do not want to give up my current library ...

kindle drm nook  
asked by Chad 8 votes
answered by Donald.McLean 3 votes
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