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How to synchronize Kindle collections across all devices, including older Kindles?

I have just started organizing collections on my bottom-of-the-line Kindle (the Kindle 4?). Despite selecting "annotations sync and backup" I'm not seeing these collections appear on my iPad and ...

kindle collections sync  
user avatar asked by Joe Golton Score of 28
user avatar answered by James Jenkins Score of 7

Transfer epub from Android phone to Kobo reader

Is it possible to transfer an epub from an Android phone to a Kobo reader not using the Kobo app? For links, getpocket provides a way: I send the link to [email protected] where I registered my email ...

epub kobo android download  
user avatar asked by Gergely Score of 2
user avatar answered by user10216038 Score of 3

printing an ePub

I know it's funny, but I would like to print some booklets I have. They are in ePub format without DRM, and my idea is to create a booklet in A6 format (they are not very long, otherwise I would not ...

epub calibre conversion  
user avatar asked by mau Score of 8
user avatar answered by Anthon Score of 5

Can one use two Amazon accounts on one Kindle?

For historical reasons I happen to have two accounts on Amazon, and I would prefer to keep both, as they are in different countries. I have ebooks in both accounts. Can I access both accounts with ...

kindle amazon kindle-app download  
user avatar asked by babou Score of 10
user avatar answered by David H. J. Score of 3

Can I transfer my Purchased Nook library to Kindle or other Service?

I have a Nook account and library with over 100 purchased titles. I really would like to take advantage of some of the features of the Kindle Fire but I do not want to give up my current library ...

kindle drm nook  
user avatar asked by Chad Score of 7
user avatar answered by Donald.McLean Score of 3

How to use the e-ink Kindle readers to display photos?

The Kindle e-readers that lack full color displays also lack an app for displaying photos. Is there a way to get a series of photos to display? I realize they will be displayed in monochrome / ...

kindle e-ink image  
user avatar asked by Nathan Osman Score of 11
user avatar answered by Tim Score of 14

How can I merge multiple ebooks in a single file?

Is there a way to easily combine multiple ebooks into a single file, that will collect all of them?

epub calibre editing sigil  
user avatar asked by Sekhemty Score of 15
user avatar answered by Sekhemty Score of 8
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