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Which Kindle Paperwhite model/generation do I have?

I need to determine which firmware update to download. The Amazon site is helpful if you know exactly which generation or model of Kindle you have. But they give no guidance as to how to determine ...

kindle kindle-paperwhite  
asked by Basil Bourque 17 votes
answered by Basil Bourque 18 votes

How can you delete the books from 'Cloud' in Kindle PaperWhite?

I'm using this Google Chrome Push to Kindle extension for reading articles on the kindle. In short it converts an article and sends it to your device. It's very convenient, but I've collected a lot ...

asked by Bor 5 votes
answered by idiotprogrammer 5 votes

How can I automate the creation of EPUB files from series of existing JPEG photos?

I have multiple sets of JPEG photos (not images/scans of books, but of e.g. my children), that I would like to turn into EPUB files, so I can take them along on my ebook-reader and view them. Are ...

epub image creation  
asked by Anthon 14 votes
answered by Anthon 13 votes

Reading PDFs on Kindle device

I have many interesting books and documents in PDF format. Can I read PDFs on Kindle in comfortable way? My concern is, that PDFs are adapted to the print page size and Kindle screen is much ...

kindle pdf  
asked by Danubian Sailor 79 votes
answered by Tim 49 votes

Share book uploaded to my Google Play Books account with other account

I uploaded a book to my Google Play Books account and I want to share it with another account, is that possible? I know that I can give it the .epub file but I deleted it.

ebook-management google-play-books  
asked by Natalie 8 votes
answered by Daniel 4 votes

How do I remove a book from my Sony Reader?

I have lots of space left on my Sony Reader (a PRS-T1), but I also have a few books on there that I don't want to read again (or at all). I am trying to figure out how to remove them from the reader ...

ebook-readers sony-prs-t1  
asked by Ash 6 votes
answered by Anthon 4 votes

Which ereaders support the EPUB3 format?

The EPUB3 format is the "next generation" for the widely-used EPUB format. (the differences between this and EPUB2 are described in this question). Which devices today support EPUB3? Where can I find ...

standard epub  
asked by Eyal 17 votes
answered by jbs 4 votes
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