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Top new questions this week:

Disable extra (page?) numbers showing up in kobo

Hello I am packaging an epub book and I'm seeing numbers that aren't in my source on kobo. It looks like they're being added by kobo. They don't show up on Calibre or apple or on kindle. ...

epub kobo  
user avatar asked by Schneems Score of 1
user avatar answered by beaker Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Any way to find a lost Kindle inside a house?

I left a Kindle Paperwhite with my mom a month ago and it disappeared in the house, probably in between books somewhere. I know it still connects to wifi and receives documents through the kindle ...

kindle wifi  
user avatar asked by missing_my_typewritter Score of 53
user avatar answered by pkamb Score of 45

Can I only transfer files to my Kindle Paperwhite using the cable that shipped with the device?

I read a lot of out of copyright (and sometimes out of print) books, which I download from and then transfer from my Mac to my Kindle, usually with the excellent Calibre app. I just ...

kindle calibre kindle-paperwhite download  
user avatar asked by Jim Score of 5
user avatar answered by Непитерская Кошка Score of 5

How to download ebooks from Kindle to PC?

I'm am trying to download some Kindle eBooks that I have bought to my laptop. I tried connecting my Kindle to my PC via USB and then try to access the files from there, but I can't find the files that ...

kindle download  
user avatar asked by michaelpri Score of 6
user avatar answered by Scott Porter Score of 3

ePub readers for Windows that support continous scrolling?

I need to find an ePub reader application for Windows that support continuous page scrolling. Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.

epub ebook-readers software  
user avatar asked by L.I.B L.I.B Score of 7
user avatar answered by Pastur Score of 5

How to change Kindle Windows 8 into a 'normal app'

I read a lot of books on my netbook using Kindle for Windows 8. However, I am often very frustrated that is uses the 'metro' interface which consumes the full screen. I would like to use my Kindle app ...

user avatar asked by John Score of 9
user avatar answered by jonsca Score of 7

How can I put footnotes in an ebook?

I am currently formatting a manuscript into ebook formats (epub and mobi). My manuscript contains many footnotes, and I don't know how to handle them. It's important for me that these be footnotes ...

epub file-format mobi  
user avatar asked by Standback Score of 21
user avatar answered by mau Score of 12

Kindle "Time Left in Book"

I have a Paperwhite, and I like to have 'percentage left' on the page as I am reading. To switch this on, I have to go to Font size and select from a pull-down menu. Once the Kindle switches off, I ...

user avatar asked by RogerF Score of 3
user avatar answered by c0ldspark Score of 2
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